What is a "Tryhard" in GTA Online?

There are plenty of ways to try hard in GTA Online; often if you're dominating someone in an ortherwise fair fight, than they may get desperate and utilize cheap tactics to try and gain an edge. Yet this alone does not constitute a true GTA tryhard. Tryhards can be identified primarily through their use of suicide and their strange sense of fashion, as they resemble militant juggalos. They can also be identified through their usernames, as they resemble OG Xbox 360 names (xXx_NoSc0pes_xXx) or “barcodes” (lIlllIIllI).

Components of a Tryhard

E.W.O. - Easy Way Out: In no other shooting game have I seen suicide utilized as a strategy. Tryhards have mastered the art of killing themselves as quickly as possible, simply to avoid their enemies from getting a score advantage on them. Aside from using the interaction menu to kill themselves, some will fire an RPG point blank at their feet. Others will snipe near an active sticky bomb, and detonate it the moment they take a hit. There also exists an EWO exploit that allows tryhards to instantly drop dead without the need to go into the animations for it...I would not be surprised if some have it hotkeyed.

Ghost Organization/ Off the Radar: When tryhards do this, it is essentially an easy way to get kills if their opponent doesn’t counter it with an off the radar ability. Even if one goes off the radar in an attempt to escape they may not be safe as tryhards can utilize thermal vision helmets to seek out and destroy unusual movement.

Armor/B.S.T.: This combination of spawnable items can turn tryhards into tanks. Not only will they be able to take a beating, but weapons such as the Heavy Sniper Rifle and Heavy Revolver will be one shot kills for them.

RPG Spam: An exploit with the weapon wheel allows tryhards to instantly reload weapons without going through the animation. This allows them to launch rockets rapidly while in first person. They typically use the Homing Launcher,as the missile travels faster than the standard RPG.

Passive Mode Abuse: The scummiest tactic one can utilize. Passive popping while in weaponized vehicles allows for cheap kills that can not be avenged by the victim. Those who do use this exploit are only out to annoy and troll other players. Passive players who are on the ground can be killed with a vehicle if you bail from it before it makes contact with them.

"Lzzzzzz": Essentially a meme at this point…and is notoriously sent after getting 1-0'd. They’ll send you this message via iFruit as a way to troll or get you to pursue combat with them.


Oppressor MK II: Considered the most unbalanced vehicle added to GTA Online to date, this is the number one go to vehicle for a tryhard. Not only can missiles and counter measurements be equipped onto it, but the Oppressor MK II can also be instantaneously summoned via the MC President menu (last I checked, motorcycles had wheels). It outclasses almost all other weaponized vehicles, planes, and helicopters. Anyone in a standard vehicle is a sitting duck, and it is also viable against players on the ground, but this is a somewhat risky strategy. [AS OF PACTH 1.48 AR's, MG's, etc can not lock onto Oppressor drivers] The moment you lock onto a tryhard in one of these, expect them to EWO.

P-996/Hydra: Jets have been destroying lobbies since online launched. While the Oppressor MK2 has put pilots on the endangered species list, tryhards can still occasionally be found making quick work of targets on the ground with their explosive cannons. Bad sport lobbies have some of the most skilled jet pilots in the game as a result of how effectively these jets destroy personal vehciles.

Counter Strategies
Bulletproof Helmet: When equipped, you will be protected from headshots. Not having one while fighting someone who does will put you at a massive disadvantage.

Terrorbyte Drones: Admittedly the drones are slow, and you are a sitting duck in your Terrorbyte, but they are stealthy and can reach targets sniping from roofs. If you’re dealing with someone killing themselves with sticky bombs, you can use the drone’s tazer to detonate them and secure a kill.

RC Bandito: It may seem like a toy, but this thing can pack an explosive punch if upgraded. While it makes a somewhat loud noise that eliminates the element of surprise the drone offers, it’s much faster and more durable. It can also remove you entirely from the radar, offering a fun counter to someone who is abusing ghost organization.

Battle Grounds
Badsport Lobbies: Welcome to hell, at least you get a free hat. Expect to find every dirty trick in the book being exploited, there is no etiquette here, anything goes. While some want to get out as quickly as possible and remain in passive, other players seem to be stuck in this purgatory as a result of their continued actions. There are a few ways to avoid gaining badsport status while destroying vehicles, mostly by launching certain freeroam missions. (Picture credit: @hated_wargirl)

Vespucci Beach: The beach is the equivalent of Final Destination in Super Smash Bros, this is where many people go to settle beef in a 1v1. Opponents snipe eachother from opposite ends of the beach, often times having sticky bombs armed planted at their feet, just in case they take a hit

Fort Zancudo Beach ("Base"): "Base players" specialize in combat in this area. There is no holding back as rockets and explosive ammo get flung in every direction. Part of the meta is simply memorizing spawn locations in this area so you know where to fire a few premeptive explosives after killing your opponent. I can't say for sure, but my guess is that this area became a popular spot for combat given that this is where one typically spawns after dying in Fort Zancudo while attempting to steal a jet.

RNG Maps: "RNG" (Run n' Gun) is a custom made type of death match in which individual players or teams square off in a maze like structure. RNG etiquette is to stick with assualt rifles, not use bullet proof helmets, and stay on your feet.

Ring Fights: Real men don't need guns, they fight fight with their fists! I have noticed a lot of tryhards in this community made deathmatch, usually teamed up against randoms who accept job invites. Tryhards have mastered the ability to pull off behind the back stealth kills (referred to as "chopping") in the midst of a fight. They also will use a tech to lock you into a running punch that deals massive damage and is hard to break free from. Beware, there exists an exploit that allows players to gain all their weapons in a deathmatch, regardless of the default allotment. Some will request an ammo drop and continuously particpants, while others will be more discrete about it and only equip knuckle dusters.